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IAB Job Vacancy Survey

Job vacancies and personnel policy in establishments

This survey has been carried out by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) since 1989. It is the only survey in Germany that measures the development of the unmet labour demand in a representative and statistically valid way. Such information is not only of great relevance to research but also to labour market policy in general, not least companies/administrations and their associations. For instance, analyses on the basis of this survey have contributed substantially to examining the causes and extent of labour shortages and to providing both establishments and politicians with recommendations on how this could be counteracted. Moreover, even during the most recent economic crisis, it has been possible via the surveys to observe which sectors have been especially hard hit by the economic crisis in relation to labour force demands and how the companies and administrations affected have reacted.

Both the Federal Government and the European Commission support this survey on account of its high relevance for politics and economics. Naturally the data are of high interest to researchers and are employed by economists and sociologists for a wide spectrum of research questions.

The data provided by the survey participants are subject to strict data protection regulations and are dealt with in strict confidence. This is guaranteed by the  Institute for Employment Research as well as the Institut Economix Research & Consulting, which is currently conducting the survey on behalf of the IAB.

We would like to thank all companies and administrations taking part in the survey.

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