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Basic information on job postings and application procedures at IAB

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Persons working part-time or interested in working part-time may also apply for the full-time jobs posted. Part-time work is possible where compelling official requirements do not prevent it. A decision will be made in this respect in the course of the process of filling the post.

Please address any further questions to the contact person/s named in the job posting.

Applications should be sent directly to the address mentioned in the respective job posting. In the interest of filling the post in a prompt manner, you are asked to adhere exactly to the date mentioned.

The application letter and the curriculum vitae may be written as wished. The application letter provides the opportunity of underlining the special interest in the position on offer, along with emphasising relevant qualifications and competencies in relation to the said task. The curriculum vitae should mention both personal data and professional activities (tasks/topics/projects) in detail. Applications may be made without indication of date of birth or nationality.

IAB's personnel policy, which is orientated on equal opportunity, takes the diversity of competences of its staff into account; they may possess these, for instance, because of their age, gender or ethnic background. In this connection, the employment of severely disabled persons is promoted. The Representative for the Severely Disabled is involved in drafting the job posting and in making the associated choice of candidate. If severely disabled persons explicitly do not wish the Representative for the Severely Disabled to be involved in their support, they are requested to indicate this in their application.

The Equal Opportunities Officer is involved in the choice of personnel. Women are currently underrepresented in the research personnel and at managerial level. For this reason, IAB emphasises that it would welcome female researchers to apply for the corresponding posts.