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The Self-government Board of the Federal Employment Agency (BA)

The Self-government bodies of the Federal Employment Agency consist of the Board of Governors (Verwaltungsrat) and the Management Committees (Verwaltungsausschüsse) of the local employment offices. The Board of Governors is the supervisory, advisory and legislative organ of the Federal Employment Agency (Articles of the BA). The committees of the Board of Governors are comprised in three equal parts of representatives of the employees', employers' and public bodies.

  • Committee I: Strategic decisions, budget, self-government issues
  • Committee II: Labour market policy, labour market research, financial benefits

The Directorate of the Institute reports in Committee II at regular intervals on the research and work programme as well as on organizational changes at the Institute.

The results of SGB III-projects are presented at the monthly meetings of the Self-government Committees. This normally takes place in Committee II which deals with the topics "labour market policy", "labour market research", and "financial benefits". Written presentations that have been prepared for this committee are subsequently discussed with the members. Topics are proactively suggested to the Self-government Board by the Institute or are selected at the wish of members of the Committee. The discussions within the Self-government Board guarantee that research work remains closely related to actual labour market policies. In this way, inputs from practical experience can be absorbed into ongoing research work or can be used for the development of new projects.