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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When can I apply?

The scholarships are announced on our website several months in advance. The application deadline is usually at the end of March of each year.

Which documents should be included in the application?

Details on application documents can be found in the section application.

How many scholarships are awarded each year?

Usually, GradAB awards up to six scholarships each year.

What dissertation topics are well-suited for the Graduate Programme?

Preferably, the GradAB supports dissertation projects which particularly benefit from being associated with the IAB, and which are of particular benefit to the IAB as well. The profiles of the current participants give an insight into the currently promoted dissertation topics. An overview of all research topics at the IAB can be found in the organisational chart.

How much is the monthly scholarship?

Regular participants of the GradAB receive a scholarship of 1,350 Euros per month. Participants with a family can receive additional 155 Euros per month if the annual net income of the spouse or partner is below 15,340 Euros, or if the participant has custody of at least one child living in the same household. Participants receive a lump sum of 155 Euros for the first, 205 Euros for the second and each further child aged 18 and below, living in the same household, given that the participant has custody of the child.
Every participant of the GradAB receives 1,800 Euros per year for conference participation, further training (e.g. summer schools) and other dissertation-related expenses.

Can I hold a job besides the GradAB?

Yes. Doctoral students of the GradAB may hold a job besides the GradAB with up to 10 hours per week. This is equivalent to a 25 % position in the German civil Service.

Which university awards the doctoral degree?

GradAB participants enroll at the university where their supervisor holds a professorship. This university will award your doctoral degree. The IAB does not award degrees.

Do I have to choose a supervisor before/while applying?

No, but we recommend that you contact possible supervisors during the application phase who may support you with your application. However, it is possible to choose your supervisor after being accepted into the GradAB Programme.

Does my supervisor need to hold a professorship at the FAU?

No, your supervisor may hold a professorship at another university. However, successful applicants have to prove that they meet the doctoral regulations of the corresponding University.

Where will my place of work be?

Each doctoral candidate will be provided with an office at the IAB. We expect that you use this office on a regular Basis.

What is the difference between a scholarship holder (Stipendiat) and a college member (Kollegiat)?

College members of the GradAB participate in the study programme but do not receive a scholarship. College members of the GradAB are either researchers from the IAB or doctoral students of the School of Business and Economics of the FAU, following the same application procedure as scholarship holders.  

Is the GradAB open for applications from abroad?

Yes. However, note that degrees obtained abroad must be recognised by a German University.

What employment opportunities can I expect after completing the Programme?

The GradAB programme prepares doctoral students for an academic research as well as positions in policy advice. About one third of our alumni continue their careers at universities as assistant professors or post docs. About 15 % take up positions in public sector institutions, particularly in labour market policy. Another 10 % join the private sector. The remaining 40 % continue their career at the IAB as post docs.

Are there opportunities for research stays abroad?

Yes. Research stays abroad are possible at universities, research institutes and other relevant organisations worldwide. The GradAB supports participants seeking a research stay abroad. In previous years, GradAB participants went to the University of California (Berkeley), the University of Michigan, Boston University, the University of Melbourne, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Tilburg University and the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex amongst others. Besides universities and other research facilities, GradAB participants also worked at the OECD in Paris.