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IAB-Bibliothek (IAB Library)

Academic book series

Cover IAB-Bibliothek (Volume 3331)

In the series "IAB-Bibliothek" (IAB Library) central scientific findings from the research undertaken at IAB are presented for a wider circle of professionals within the public sphere. Comprehensive reports of studies, research monographs and selected dissertations are published in German. The book series covers the full spectrum of labour market and occupational research.

This series takes over from the series "Beiträge zur Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung" (Articles on Labour Market and Occupational Research) which was discontinued after issue 306. Several issues appear each year at irregular intervals. The books can be ordered at a charge in the print version (individual issues or as a subscription) or as e-books from the IAB-Webshop or directly from the publishers wbv Media GmbH & Co. KG.


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You can order the IAB-Bibliothek (IAB Library) series. If you do so, the current volume will be sent you automatically. A bill will be issued for each individual volume. You can also order individual issues (without a subscription).


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