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Literature database of IAB

The literature database of IAB is accessible free-of-charge via the professional social-science portal sowiport. It contains roughly 140,000 instances of labour market-relevant literature, frequently along with an abstract and a link to full text. Here it is not only a question of IAB publications but – since the founding of IAB (the Institute for Employment Research) – also of a general literature database which has been built up and continually updated.

Around 400 journals from at home and abroad and the German-language book market are evaluated in respect to labour market-related scientific literature. Along with this, the internet sites of other research institutes and institutions as well as associations relevant to labour market policy are monitored and their thematically relevant publications indexed in the database.

You can select the IAB literature database (IAB-Literaturdatenbank) via the professional portal sowiport under "Information providers/database" (Informationsanbieter/Datenbank), using the "IAB/LitDokAB" button.

Quick search

Please use the following entry slot if you want to search for something in sowiport as a whole. If you wish to limit the results of your search to hits in the IAB literature database then choose the filter "Database" > "LitDokAB - Literature database labour market research" (Datenbank > LitDokAB - Literaturdatenbank Arbeitsmarktforschung) on the left side of the results page of sowiport. Your will find the same functions on the English-language sowiport page.