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Establishments, Qualification and Occupations

Research perspectives

Qualifications, occupations and establishments are inextricably interwoven in the German labour market. Their properly functioning interaction is a crucial determinant of individual income and employment opportunities, as well as of business success.

Individuals acquire their competences not only by means of school, vocational or university education; qualifications obtained in the course of their professional life also matter a lot. In this context, businesses are of particular significance due to their dual function, involving demand for workforce with various qualifications on the one hand, and supply of vocational and further training on the other.

In the course of technological progress, demographic change and globalisation, both individuals and businesses face changes to the working and professional world going hand in hand with the new qualification requirements. In this rapidly changing realm of work, along with initial training, the process of lifelong learning and qualification is gaining in importance.

Against this backdrop, the focus "Establishments, qualification and occupations" addresses the issues of the determinants of companies' demand for labour, correlations between education, qualification and labour market opportunities, as well as occupational structuring of the labour market. An important part in this consideration is played by digitisation and its impact on the in-company work organisation, on the occupations and their job patterns, as well as on the requirements to the employees' competences.

The IAB Establishment Panel is a central research instrument on the part of the business; it is an annual survey among some 16 thousand of companies on various issues of in-company business and personnel policy, co-determination and development of employment, complemented by interlinking with individual data. A new dataset is the IAB-ZEW-business survey by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) on the range of topics of World of Work 4.0. combined with the employees data in order to enable holistic consideration of labour supply and demand.

At the individual level, survey data are used along with the process data of the Federal Employment Agency. The focus thus includes the cohorts stages of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS), a large-scale representative panel study with annual surveys on life and career development, education processes of adults, and lifelong learning.

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