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Erwerbspersonenpotenzial und Beschäftigung in Ostdeutschland: Folgt nun die demografische Krise?



"Demographic change will have serious effects on labour supply in eastern Germany in the long run. The severe drop in the number of births directly after reunification has led to a strong decline in population and thus also in the supply of labour. On the other hand employment is hardly dropping any more - even when viewed over a fairly long period of time - so that there will be the threat of a lack of skilled labour in the long run." (Authors' abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Fuchs, Johann; Hummel, Markus; Zika, Gerd (2009): Labour force potential and employment in eastern Germany: Will there be a demographic crisis? In: IAB-Forum, No. 2, pp. 76-81.