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On the utility of paradata in major national surveys



This presentation will begin with a summary of research that has been conducted on the quality and utility of paradata collected as part of the United States National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG). The NSFG is the major national fertility survey in the U.S., and an important source of data on sexual activity, sexual behavior, and reproductive health for policy makers. For many years, the NSFG has been collecting various forms of paradata, including keystroke information (e.g., Couper and Kreuter 2013), call record information, detailed case disposition information, and interviewer observations related to key NSFG measures (e.g., West 2013). Then, some of the challenges of working with these data will be discussed, in addition to evidence of their utility for nonresponse adjustment, interviewer evaluation, and/or responsive survey design purposes.
Third, research done using paradata collected as part of two panel surveys will be presented: the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) in the United States, and the Panel Labour Market and Social Security (PASS) in Germany. In both surveys, information from contacts in prior waves were experimentally used to improve contact and response rates in subsequent waves. In addition, research from PASS will be presented where interviewer observations on key outcome variables were collected to be used in nonresponse adjustment or responsive survey design decisions. This presentation will not only cover the research results but also the practical challenges in implementing the collection and use of both sets of paradata.

Autorin / Autor

  • West, Brady
  • Kreuter, Frauke

Bibliografische Daten

West, Brady; Kreuter, Frauke (2017): On the utility of paradata in major national surveys * challenges and benefits. In: Statistics Canada (Hrsg.), Statistics Canada International Symposium 2016: Growth in statistical information. Challenges and benefits, (Statistics Canada International Symposium Series: Proceedings, 2016), Ottawa, 32 S.