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GradAB Convention 2017


IAB-Graduiertenkolleg 2017 in BambergIAB-Graduiertenkolleg 2017


The graduate convention on Thursday, 13 July 2017 led our PhD students to Bamberg, UNESCO world heritage site.

Together with programme coordinator Dr. Sandra Huber the group had an intense exchange on everyone‘s latest research. PhD students from the were invited to join the sessions.
From the youth hostel in the old medieaval centre of Bamberg it is close to the charming beer garden on top of Stephansberg, an ideal place to relax, have fun and network in an informal atmosphere. With a city tour on the river Regnitz by canoo the trip ended on Friday.

Teilnehmer an der GradAB-Klausurtagung 2017 in Bamberg

Präsentation beim IAB-Graduiertenkolleg 2017

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