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Die Flexi-Rente als Instrument zur Erhöhung der Erwerbsbeteiligung



"Current regulations concerning flexible entry into retirement are considered insufficient. In order to achieve more flexible transitions into retirement and to extend working life, a working group on the so-called Flexi-Pension was set up. Its proposal also includes a revision in order to prevent reduction effects of discounts on pension income for insured persons potentially affected by social assistance.
The renewal of the so-called partial pension avoids the disincentives of the current regulation: The former regulation with rigid limits on additional income is replaced by a continuous adjustment. This is more flexible, reduces uncertainty, and makes overall income better predictable for the insured. A higher, but fixed, ceiling of additional income is a more effective incentive for low-paid workers.
The new regulations on the partial pension can be seen as progress since some disincentives have been removed. After the reforms, employment at a higher age will become more attractive. However, the overall effect is limited by the fact that the requirements for partial pension entrance are relatively high.
For retirees, new regulations include an increase in the supplementary income. Currently, parallel income to a state pension is limited to 450 euros per month. Later the ceiling for extra income will be 850 euros per month. This regulation is intended to support labour market participation and avoid poverty in old age.
New regulations for insured persons who are affected by discounts and social assistance as well as an extended period for saving to prevent the discounts for early retirement will also help to avoid poverty in old age. Employer's contributions to unemployment insurance for workers older than 65 years will be removed in the future. Though this the work of older employees will become cheaper than the work of persons under 65. However, this incentive to employ persons of higher ages must be balanced against the employment opportunities of younger workers. Currently, contributions of retirees to the pension scheme do not raise pension income. The suggestion that these contributions also be accounted for is to the benefit of both the employer and those insured." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Czepek, Judith; Weber, Enzo (2015): Die Flexi-Rente als Instrument zur Erhöhung der Erwerbsbeteiligung. (IAB-Stellungnahme, 06/2015), Nürnberg, 13 p.