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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

Inhaltsbereich: Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung

Long-term benefit receipt


Working Group

Research task

Despite the positive developments on the labour market over the past years, several million persons are still dependent upon support benefits – most receive benefits to ensure their minimum subsistence level within the framework of the basic income support scheme for job-seekers. This includes, on the one hand, persons who have been affected by long-term exclusion from spheres of gainful employment. Such persons exhibit higher-than-average risks and low opportunities on the labour market so that their (re-)integration into the labour market is likely to be linked to considerable hurdles. On the other hand, some people also draw long-term basic income support benefits who are not without work but who are not at the disposal of the labour market because of childcare or further training activities or who are in employment but do not gain enough income to support the whole household.

In October 2013 IAB chose this topical area as its new focal topic because of its continually increasing relevance. Long-term exclusion from spheres of gainful employment can lead to economic, social and cultural deficits in participation and exclusion phenomena, such as material impoverishment, social isolation, decreasing employability, as well as health problems at the level of the individual and the endangerment of social cohesion at the level of society. At IAB there is a series of projects that deal directly or indirectly with the topic of (long-term-)benefit receipt or the adjacent topic area of long-term unemployment. This new Working Group is intended to bring researchers at IAB together, facilitating an exchange of information on the selected topic. In particular five groups of themes can be cited that will initially guide the work of the Working Group:

  • Terminological und conceptual delimitation of (long-term)benefit receipt and unemployment
  • Stocktaking of the extent, structure and co-incidence of (long-term)benefit receipt and unemployment
  • Consequences and effects on the social situation, everyday reality, health and perspectives of those affected
  • Determinants and reasons for (long-term-)benefit receipt and unemployment
  • Approaches, measures and their effects aimed at the avoidance or ending of (long-term-)benefit receipt and unemployment

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