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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

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Working Group

Research task

The Working Group „Occupations“ joins staff from almost all research and service departments. It provides a place for discussing scientific projects that are – in one or the other way – linked to „Occupations“ at an early stage in the research process and from an interdisciplinary perspective. Moreover, it is a forum for debating recent research on this topic. Discussions in the working group range from rather technical subjects – as e. g. ways to empirically capture occupational tasks or the coding of occupations to topics with rather practical relevance, like young adults’ occupational choices and their search for an apprenticeship position, or on factors that influence young people’s confidence to successfully complete occupational training. In cooperation with the Research Group "Occupational Labour Markets" the working group is involved in a research initiative, which was founded jointly with representatives from other research institutions to campaign for a stronger focus on “occupations” as a research topic, which it does, for example, by organizing regular workshops and conferences.

Staff members